What do our carers say?

"I have been a live-in carer for over 6 months now and love

the fact that I provide an alternative option for elderly people

as opposed to them going into a care home or moving in with

relatives. I feel that they really appreciate this because they get

to stay where they want to be – in their own home. I get to forge

a close friendship with the client I am with, brightening up their

days and their life.


It takes kindness and compassion to care for people in their own

homes and to understand their point of view and needs. I have a

good sense of humour and im good listener as clients often want

to talk about their lives and have interesting stories to tell. I also

get to see different parts of the country while I'm on placement and

look forward to taking my clients out on trips around their own local



It can be emotionally demanding if i am working with a very confused

dementia client. Sometimes they need things repeating so that they

understand why I am there and how I am trying to help them.

However, the work is still incredibly rewarding and i know that I am

improving their quality of life.

Everyday is different ... "


A day in the life of a Mulberry Live In Carer

Let us introduce you to Helen Price, one of the carers for 

Mulberry Live In Care. Here she gives an insight into working

as a carer and answers some of those important questions.

My day to day role is to provide care, assistance and companionship to customers with a range of difficulties and personal restrictions. Predominately I work with people who have disabilities and age related restrictions that affect their ability to carry out day to day duties in and around the house and also outside of their homes. 


A typical day for me would be to assist a client out of bed in the morning, ensuring that they had a sufficient amount of rest and were in a good spirit to get up and start their day. Depending on the client, I would assist with their toiletry and hygiene needs before assisting them to dress.


Once the client is ready I prepare or assist in the preparation of their breakfast. 


Throughout the day I would assist with any tasks the client would like help with, such as administering medication, preparing food and drinks but also providing companionship. This could include going into town to the shops or a café or staying in. I also understand how important it is to know what my client wants and to allow for privacy when appropriate. I also ensure that all house work is kept on top of, maintaining a clean and hygienic environment for the client and also for myself to live in.


In the evening I would mirror duties carried out in the morning, ensuring the client is warm, comfortable and settled for the night.





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